'Supporting the Homeless' Project

Bristol Central have been involved in several homeless outreach projects, which involves feeding and caring for the homeless, and providing basic needs and offering an introductory Bible study. As a result we carry out regular feeding programmes throughout the year.

"When I started feeding the homeless, I was doing it to help my mum, she had been going out to the bear pit by herself for a long time. I was making the sandwiches  but I didn't realise how many people came for food. As I handed them out, the peoples neediness made me look at my life, and I saw how much things I took for granted. The homeless weren't how I thought they would be; they were just like you and me. Since then I have been committed to this ministry in the good and in the bad. The homeless and me we've become like family, people I believe and trust in.

Helping my mum with her ministry is my thing and it may not be yours, but just trust in God and he will bring revelation to you about what you can do to help this world."

Shaquilla Campbell